Monday, July 25, 2011

Patchy Ethmoid Inflammatory Disease

In this post, I was telling y'all that E was super sick the day of the wedding in which he was the best man.  I told you that it was a post I wouldn't forget, remember? I'm going to share a little bit of what happened.

Saturday morning, around 4 am, E woke up, saying he was very sick to his stomach.  I immediately thought it might be food poisoning, since we ate at a Hibachi grill place the night before.  Who knows if things get cross contaminated, etc.  But, then, around 6 am, he started complaining of a headache. 

We had hit up some garage sales the previous day that my parents wanted to go back to.  E said he thought the fresh air might help him, so we  loaded up the van and headed out.  By the end of the hour, it was evident that E was too sick to stay any longer. 

At this point, I start to get a little nervous.  I mean, he's the BEST MAN.  Not just someone who is going to the wedding, or even an usher.  He kind of has an important job.  So we started pumping him full of any kind of anti-nauseous meds we could find.  Pepto-check.  Pepcid- check.  Tums-check. Then we found an anti-nausea med-check.  Nothing was helping.  He was still bed ridden.

Around 12, I start to get really nervous.  We had to leave about 1 or so to be at the wedding on time.  E was still in bed, and the kids and I had to get showered and dressed.  About 12:05, the power in my parent's house goes out. Nice.  The kids and I hop into the shower anyway.  When I get out, I start contemplating blow drying my hair with the leaf blower. (I know.  I was desperate.)

I get O's flower girl dress on, and most of A's tux, and go to find E to tell him we have to get ready to leave.  Thankfully, the power came back on, and I could blow dry hair in the appropriate manner.  E is too sick to drive, so I drive us to the wedding.  The entire time, E is sighing heavily, leaning back, and looking quite pale (well, paler than normal.)

We got to the wedding on time, and E made it through the ceremony (It was an outdoor wedding, but thankfully E was in the shade- unlike the other groomsmen.)  I then have to find something to do with all 3 kiddos for 2 hours.

Hmmm....  I lived in this area for years.  In fact, I nannied for 2 years around the same parts.   I know what to do with kids.  However, what I don't know what to do with is kids in wedding attire.  Can't go to the park.  Can't go eat. Can't go to the hands on museum. Etc, etc, etc.  I take them to the mall, just to walk around.  We, of course, forgot the stroller, so I end up carrying Isaac the entire time.

When we got the to reception, it was cocktail hour.  Still 1 hour before the wedding party arrives.  The kids, at this point, were W.I.L.D. They were tired from no naps, lots of wedding excitement, and extremely sugared up on the candy bar they had set up in the lobby.  You can imagine the torture that ensued for me.

The wedding party arrived, but E had to stay at the head table for a while.  I was having so many contractions at this point that I couldn't eat.  I was miserable.  However, after E ate, he was a new man.  He felt 100% better in a matter of 10 minutes.

We came to the conclusion that E had a migraine.  Not his first, actually.  He's had several over the course of the last year.  When he mentioned this to his dr. last week, they suggested he have an MRI done on his brain to rule out the scary stuff. 

They called him on Friday with the diagnosis.  Patchy Ethmoid Inflammatory Disease.  Basically, a sinus infection.  Since he has no symptoms, he could have had this particular infection for a while, even up to a year.  One of the main symptoms is headaches.  They called in an antibiotic to clear it up since the infection is so close to his brain. 

*an aside: When he called to tell me, I seriously thought he was kidding me.  He's that kind of person.  He would totally make something like that up to pull my chain. (The funny part is that E's mom thought he made it up, too.)

The hope is that the antibiotics will clear the infection and hopefully rid him of the migraines.  If not, he may need sinus surgery down the road.  I'm so glad for him.  At least he doesn't have to suffer, with out a general/untreatable answer like "hormones" for the rest of his life.


Leza said...

I'm sure you guys are thankful it was only a sinus infection....or properly termed "Patchy Ethmoid Inflammatory Disease". :) Hope the meds help and he's back to normal soon. It's always a relief to find out something is a minor problem that can be fixed with meds.

d e v a n said...

wow! I was like... what the heck is Patchy Ethmoid Inflammatory Disease?! LOL
Hope the abx help!