Friday, July 29, 2011

A little bit of randomness

  • I burnt two fingers on my left hand with the iron yesterday.  I set it directly on my hand.  Pregnancy brain, anyone?
  • E thinks I've been "nesting", but really, I'm just trying to prepare as much as I can before I get 1.too uncomfortable and 2. before school starts and I have even less time.
  • Baby girl's nursery is almost finished!  My mom is making the crib skirt, and I have plans for a baby blanket/quilt with the scraps.  I think it looks fabulous! I promise to share pictures, soon!  Here's a teaser.

  • We've spent very little time at the pool this year with out E.  I just don't feel up to handling watching the bigger 2 kids in the deep end, and keeping track of a wild-totally-has-no-fear toddler in the immense heat.  I promise to do better next summer. (As long as baby girl is not walking...)
  • My little brother went and grew up and got engaged!  My brother, D, and my future SIL, R are planning a May wedding as of now.  Aren't they cute?

  • We looked, very briefly, into flying all of us out to the wedding (since Mapquest put it at 14 hrs for a drive, with out stops.) Then, we quickly realized that flying 5 people, renting a car, then paying for a hotel, plus 2 dresses and a tux just weren't going to happen.  Maybe there's something fun to do between here and Pennsylvania to make the trip more intersting.
  •   My heartburn/acid reflux has gone from controlled to uncontrollable.  I started Prevacid when I was 19 weeks and it worked great!  Until 2 weeks ago.  I've been miserable.  I cut out caffeine, pop, and eating big meals.  I talked to the pharmacist today, and she pretty much said that there isn't much else I can do. *sigh*  Before I complain too much, I would like to say that I am SO grateful that I never had this with my first 3 kids.  1 pregnancy is enough.
  • No, we don't have a name for the baby, yet. (Although, if it was up to me, we would. ;))
  • A friend's husband died last night after a freak fall that lead to cardiac arrest.  I have never even met him before, but I am so sad and heartbroken for my friend.  Her daughter is O's age, and her son is A's age.  E is at a conference tonight, and I just want to hug him- for a really long time. 


d e v a n said...

The last one is awful. I can't believe it even happened. :(

The picture of your brother/future sil is great. How cute!

Paulina said...

I don't know if it helps for pregnancy heartburn but my mom told me that green olives help, we didn't believe it until we tried it, it worked like a charm! Maybe it's worth to try! Hope it helps!

Shoeaddict said...

I had heartburn with my pregnancy and it was rough. I'd never had it before but I've had it a few times since.

I love names!! Naming our girl wasn't easy because my husband is TERRIBLE at helping/choosing/compromising.

Leza said...

I can totally relate to the iron thing. Mine was a curling iron. I completely grabbed the hot part without even thinking about it. Just grabbed it!

I LOOOOOVE the nursery teaser picture. The mobile is adorable. I never even thought about making a skirt and finding a bumper to match. I bet her nursery will be absolutely adorable!

I'm sorry to hear about our husband's friend. I will definately keep that family in my prayers. It is never easy to lose a loved one and I can't imagine explaining to my child about her father.

I'm in the same boat with the heartburn. Mine is almost unbearable. I am not on medication though so I shouldn't complain. I just kind of figured it's a part of the pregnancy thing, but recently it's gotten so bad I wake up choking on acid in my throat and I can't sleep any way except on my left side. I hope it goes away soon. I know how uncomfortable it can be at times.