Wednesday, August 3, 2011

He said MOMMA Elmo?!?

Isaac has been feeling less than stellar lately.  Last Wednesday night, he started with a croupy sounding cough, and nothing more.  Then, the cough got worse, so I took him into the dr. on Saturday.  He needed steroids, again, for two days. Saturday night, the poor kid started running a fever, and got really sick. Sunday morning, I was ready to take him back in.  Monday, he was sounding croupy still, so we had to give him another day's worth of steroid (which, if you've never had the torture joy of having a child on steroids, you are really missing out on some wildness/crankiness/worst-sleeping-ever-ness.)

Every day since Monday, I keep thinking, "okay, if he gets worse, I'll take him in."  Because, let's face it, I don't really want to drag 3 kids to the doctor's office ever, but especially when 2 of them are healthy. He hasn't gotten any worse, really, just kind of the same.
So, in all of his sick-glory, the kid has been extra snugly and loving (minus the steroid days when he was just mean to me).  Today, he was sitting on my lap while I was, cough, checking facebook on my phone and watching the news.  He keeps saying, what I thought was, "momma" over and over.  Seeing as how he hasn't said this, yet, I was over joyed!  I threw down my phone, looked into his sweet face, and then was immediately disappointed.  He was pointing to the t.v. at Elmo.  Saying "memo, memo", then signing "please". 

thanks, kid.  Apparently it's more important to say a furry, red, annoying puppet's name before mine.  Burn.


Birdie said...

Elmo?! :) Hopefully "Mommy" is coming soon! I'm sure that must be such a sweet feeling when they finally say your name!!
You also asked if the pic of me is at Opryland Hotel. No, but it does kind of look like it, doesn't it. It was actually taken at a Hilton in Brentwood, TN.

Leza said...

Aww poor kid. I hope he feels better soon. I know when the dogs are hurting/sick I get so sad and feel useless. I can't imagine how I'll feel when it happens to Peighton. Sorry you had to be disappointed and didn't get to hear "momma", but maybe soon!