Friday, November 16, 2012

Pinterest party

Things have been busy.  (Although, when are they not?  Is this our new normal?)  I'm just now getting around to posting my baby girl's party pictures, and her party was 3 weeks ago. 
I have about zero time for commentary, but here are the pictures.  Pinterest was my main inspiration (though I did have some original ideas here and there.) and it didn't let me down.  The party was fantastic!  Eliza was a tad over whelmed at first, and didn't eat much (thanks to the 1.5 week long stomach bug that she started with THAT NIGHT. ack! Sorry guests! Thankfully, only one other person got sick that I know of.) but she seemed to have fun.
Birthday shirt and tutu
Hiding from the party guests

Dairy and Soy free chocolate cake.  Its harder to decorate than you'd think.

 Straight to the bath

Still can't believe this girl is one. 


Devan said...

It was super cute! You did a great job :)

Kristin said...

great job!! And can I also say I love your kitchen and you are looking fabulous too! :)