Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Color Run

Back in May (or was it March? I can't remember.) The Color Run was just coming out and it was totally the next "new" thing.  I had been looking for a 5k to run and thought that it looked promising and lots of fun.  I chatted with my long-time friend Raechel, and we joined as a team (because, come on, you get it cheaper that way!) along with her husband, Ryan.
Now, as it happens, both of our lives got insanely busy as the months went on.  We had already signed up and paid, so we were going to run it.  But, at the race,  the three of us were commenting on how we really didn't feel invested.  We were excited, but not nearly as excited as the man getting to run in his Elvis suit, or the lady wearing a wedding dress.  We felt under-enthused and under-dressed.
Even ill prepared as we were, we still had a ton of fun!   While it was MUCH different than what I was expecting (a lot of walkers, very few runners) we still managed to finish in only a minute over what my very first 5k time was two years ago (?!?)  We got to experience parts of Nashville I've never seen, and we ran through a yellow color "cloud" in an alley that was a totally different experience, unlike anything I have done or ever will do again. (Imagine walking into an actual cloud, but yellow.)  The other colors were fun, but nothing quite like that yellow.
(Speaking of the other colors, did any of the videos turn out, Rae?)


2/3 of Team Color My Feet.

 Raechel and I are down there somewhere.  Likely waiting in line for the world's worst port-a-john.
(also, E's finger.)

 My crew came out to cheer us on, sock feet and all. (I like to pretend these things don't happen when I'm not around.  I packed her shoes. But, alas, photographic evidence.)
 At the finish line there was a color throw.  We did not fully participate because we didn't realize there was a countdown based on the wave of runners you were in.  We just threw our packets up into the air on each other.

 After the race.  We're 30, kicking butt, and taking names!
Me, after sunglasses removal


d e v a n said...

Looks fun! Love the no shoe pic - haha!

Leza said...

You look great! I was signed up this year and after a hip injury told not to do it. But, i'm determined to do it next year. I did expect you to have more color on you though :/ but looks like fun :)