Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear, (traveling eddition)

Dear Burger King in Columbia, GA,
I'm thankful for your beautiful/clean/new play center.  Please think about investing in a changing table.  Especially since you cater to small children.

Dear I-75,
Why are you constantly so busy?  All of the accidents, traffic, police officers.  You kind of are a sucky road to drive on.

Dear Sanibel Island,
I think I love you.
Why-did-we-have-to-leave (aka want-to-go-back)

Dear Eliza,
your sleep on vacation stunk.  Please feel free to get back to sleeping well now that we're home.
Thank you,

Dear Christmas music,
I heart you.  I'm so glad that we don't have to hide our affair now that thanksgiving is behind us.  It feels like a heavy burden has been lifted now that we can rejoice in our love openly.  (I especially enjoyed your company on the drive home yesterday.)
Always in my heart,

Dear Tailbone,
why do you hate me?  I mean, our original disagreement was over three years ago.  We've gone through multiple rounds of therapy.  I thought we were past this.  Don't you think its time to get over it?  Stop bringing up our troubles, especially on a long car ride with the kids.
With love,

1 comment:

Devan said...

Good grief BK! Get your act together!
You too, tailbone.