Friday, February 12, 2010

2 month check list

here's my list for Isaac's Dr. on Monday when we go for his two month check.

*Baby I still has his mystery rash. He now has two big patches on the back of his neck.

*I don't know if I told you all, but he has been having a constant diaper rash. It goes away for a day, then comes back the next (really, really bad!) then takes several days of prescription ointments to go away again.

*His stool has been green for almost a month now.

*Last night, I noticed that his stool started to look semi-mucusy (is that a word?). It definitely isn't normal.

*Yesterday I slipped, and had some milk. Isaac spit up all afternoon and into the night. When he woke up after his 2:30 am feeding, he grunted until E and I got up at 5:30. I just want to talk with the Dr. about this. I'm not changing my diet to include milk if she says there is no correlation.

*The last question I have is sort of a silly one in comparison to the rest. Baby I's eyes are so much darker than my other two kiddos at this age. I'm wondering if they tend to stay dark in other kids.


d e v a n said...

Good luck Monday! I hope she can answer all your questions.

Rae said...

Just happened upon your blog and this post. I highly recommend probiotics as some diaper rashes are in fact yeast infections. This is especially common if they are reoccurring. Get a good brand (must be refrigerated) I recommend from a chiropractor versus over the counter. Also, I've known several people whose children's diaper rash improved with removal of dairy from the diet (yours if you breastfeed, his if it's formula-switch to soy)

Birdie said...

I found your blog several weeks ago and have been reading it often. I really enjoy it! I just created my own blog so I can now leave comments. Thanks for sharing!