Friday, February 26, 2010

My Review of Fisher-Price Newborn Rock & Play Sleeper

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"The Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper is a unique new portable sleep seat for newborns, with a wonderful rocking action and secure inclined position for babies when doctor recommends that baby sleep with their head elevated. It's frame rocks gently with a push from mom, and includes very soft f...

great for reflux babes

By mom to 3 from Madison, AL on 2/26/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Easy to clean, Easy to Construct

Best Uses: Preemies, Infants, Newborn

Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children

My newest son has a very bad case of reflux. Out of all of my children, (who had reflux) this one has it the worst. In the craddle, he would often cough and start to choke on his spit up. A friend lent us her Rock and Play Sleeper and it helped a ton! It put him on an incline with out sticking him in the bouncy seat or swing.

I love that it rocks. That feature is perfect in the middle of the night after feedings when he isn't quite asleep. I can rock him with one hand on the rocker and the rest of me comfortably in bed. ;)

I recently moved my son back into his craddle, in order to give the product back to my friend who lent it to us. He went from sleeping in 5 hr stretches, to only sleeping in 1.5 hr stretches. I couldn't figure out why, until another person suggested I try this product (she didn't know we already had it). I had a "doh" moment and realized that his sleeping had gone down hill since I moved him back into his craddle. I put him back into the sleep and play rocker last night and he slept for a 5 hr stretch!

I also like that the cover comes off and is washable! With a baby who spits up all.of.the.time. this is perfect!



d e v a n said...

awesome. I wish I had known about these, but no use for it now! I'm telling my brother and sil about it though, they're due in July!

Kristin said...

I could have used that with Elijah..he also had reflux...good news is he grew out of it around 6mo so hopefully Isaac will too!

I also wanted to say thank you for your comment on my recent hit the nail on the head when you said it surprised you that the jealous feelings came back. I think that is really just it - I thought I was "over" that and I am shocked that it came back so easily!

Thanks for that perspective! Have a wonderful day! :)


Birdie said...

They recommended getting a pack 'n play in our fostering classes. I'll have to check this one out! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Kristin said...

Hi Tracy - I wanted to tell you that I have nominated you for a blog award - check it out! :)

Blessings, Kristin