Wednesday, February 10, 2010

name that rash

So, A had a bit of eczema. Still does, actually. But, when it flares up, we use Eucerin cream, and things calm down.

So, when baby I seemed to develop a case of eczema, I pulled out the cream and lathered him up. And lathered him up the next day. And the next. And the next. But, its still there. The worst part is under his chin and around his mouth. So, now I'm starting to wonder if it even *is* eczema at all.

What do you think?

This patch is on his side.

Today, it went from bad to worse. Under his chin seems to be hurting him. I went to wipe some spit up off of it, and he cried. :( Luckily, we have his well-baby check up on monday. I'll just add this to my list of things to ask.

Luckily, he still seems in good spirits.


Jennifer said...

Boober got a rash that looked just like that when he was little. It turned out to be an allergy to the baby clothing detergent. I changed to Dreft (I think that is the name) and it cleared up immediately. Hope this helps. Poor sweet guy!

Jen said...

Looks just like Ada's. We also switched detergent and it went away. We had to use the special detergent on *everything*...sheets, our clothes, everything she came into contact with.

d e v a n said...

It does look like eczema to me, but it's definitely worth asking about. It could be some kind of allergic reaction.

Cristin said...

My son got the same thing, a doctor told me it was an viral rash.

Rumour Miller said...

Is it Hives? It's hard to see in the photos but if it is an allergy to something, it could be hives.

Davi had hives a few weeks ago and benadryl helped her out with the itching and it went away the next day.

I hope it's nothing more than a slight skin irritation.

jen said...

My son, who was allergic to milk (among other things, we had a RAST and some surprises came up)... had that same rash and refused to go away (along with a whole other mess of eczema) and it looks to me like hives. We were told to use Benadryl and eventually resulted in him being on Zyrtec (still is, and he's 2) and several rounds of prednisone over the course of the year. I know you don't know me (followed a link from Devan ) but if that is what it is, I'm totally willing to share whatever I can with you, email me @ nevermelts @ gmail dot com.