Sunday, February 21, 2010


Any ideas to entertain a 2 month old baby, who hates his car seat, on a 12 hour car ride to Florida?

I ordered this, but I am doubting it will keep him occupied (read: not screaming) for very long. We pushed the two bucket seats in the middle of our van together so that I can sit right next to him if I need to. I'm anticipating needing to almost the entire trip.

So, anything that worked for you? Besides ear plugs?


Elizabeth said...

I got a toy bar that attaches to the handle of the carseat so my little guy could actually try and reach out to the toys. If your little one takes pacifiers that might help for a bit. Along with bottles if your not breast feeding. After a while the little one will probably fall asleep...especially after crying for some time...hehe.

Susan said...

We drove to West Virginia (about an 8 hour drive) for Christmas. Fiona was 4 months and she did really well--we only had to stop for her once each way. She slept most of the time, but when I've had to make the trip with *not* sleeping babies, sitting by them (like you're planning) has always worked best. They were always happier if they had someone to "talk to" and, with a little gymnastics, I was able to nurse them without taking them out of their seats.
Good luck!

Shaunna said...

We had a mirror like yours that played music and had bouncing lights. It worked for the most part on our long trips. Jilly was never one to take a nap in However she would look out the window and listen to her music. I also took along little toys, but she liked the mirror the best. Good luck!!!