Tuesday, May 24, 2011

18 weeks

Well, its that time again.  Its time for belly shots.  I don't take that many, maybe one every 3 weeks or so. But, these last two pregnancies I've taken substantially more than I ever did with O and A.  (Sadly, I only have very, very large pregnancy pictures with them.)

So, here's me, 18 weeks pregnant.  Isaac's pregnancy is on the left and this babe is on the right.
I keep getting statements like "oh!  You're pregnant??" whenever I mention having another baby or what to name this one, etc.  I mean, really?  Do I not look it?  I certainly feel like I look it.  I suppose I am a little smaller this time around than I was last time, but I think my belly still looks pregnant. What-ev.

The next installment of belly will probably be next week sometime.  I love to do a belly shot that coordinates with an u/s date.  Its like an inside/outside view.

See you next week~!


Ambitious Blonde said...

I think you look pregnant, cute belly pics! I think you are slightly smaller this time around but I think its noticeable you are pg. :)

Can't wait to hear the official news!

d e v a n said...

I think you may be smaller this time around, but you still look pregnant. In fact, you don't look like you've gained weight EXCEPT in your belly so anyone who thinks you are just gaining and not pregnant, is crazy.

Dawn said...

Well I think you definitely look pregnant & absolutely great too!!