Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary, E!

Sometimes, when I look at you, I still think of you as the teenage boy I fell in love with.

(one of our first "dates" even though I was only 15.  Rae- do you remember doing my hair for this?)

I've watched you go from a boy to a man over the years, and I love what I see.
You are a kind and loving father.  The kind who the kids want to be with whenever they get the chance.
You are an amazing husband, who provides me with security and love.
Even though we've grown up and changed, in a lot of different ways, I love you more every day.

Happy 8th Anniversary!  I love you!


And for your viewing pleasure, a slide show I made 3 years ago for our 5th Anniversary.
(yes, I'm too lazy busy to make another.  I'll shoot for our 10th, okay?)


d e v a n said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, I love all the photos! So cute! Matt & I were young when we started dating and got married too. I love that I've been with him that long. Happy Anniversary!

Raechel said...

cute! happy anniversary, guys!

(and yes - I saw the picture and totally remembered!) :)

Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures!