Friday, May 13, 2011


A's graduation from preschool was last night.  For weeks, he's been calling it his "graduationship".  Its so cute, that I haven't had the heart to correct him.  In fact, sometimes I asked him what is going on that day just to hear him say it. I know, its terrible.

Its a long program.  The 2's go first, then the 3's, THEN the 4 year olds.  Since we got there early,I had to take I out in the hall about 2 minutes through the actual program.

 My friend D's littlest.
 Zeke, playing with the bibles and name tags.

A and his teacher (he spilled water on his shirt after the program)

I'm having a hard time believing he's going to Kindergarten next year. I'll miss him.
(eta: after the afternoon we just had, Kindergarten may be in his best interest.  You know the kind of afternoon I'm talking about, right?  Yeah, that kind.)

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Devan said...

Graduationship! How cute!