Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Even in my dreams

Birth has been on my mind a lot lately.  For obvious reasons in terms of myself.  But, I've had some friends recently give birth, and some about to have babies any time. 

Something else that has been on my mind is names.  Not just any names, but a name for our baby.

I should preface this whole post by telling you that E and I take to name our kids.  O was the earliest.  Maybe around 30 weeks.  A was 36 weeks.  I was named just days before we had him.  I'm totally not a "let's wait to see what they look like" kind of person, either.  I like to paint letters to hang on the wall, I like to get things monogrammed.  I like to KNOW what to call my baby, even if we don't share it with anyone else until they are born. 

So, true to form, this baby girl does not have a name.  We've gone through the baby books.  We've posted on name blogs.  I have several that I could "go with" and one that is my favorite.  E, on the other hand, likes nothing.  Nothing is "grabbing him" and he's not "in love" with any name.  Which makes it particularly hard to decide.

So this name thing has been on my mind, along with birthing.  It's no surprise that I had a dream about it all last night.  In my dream, I delivered a healthy baby girl, with blond hair, at 36 weeks.  It was a short labor (this, in itself, is a total dream. ha!) and she arrived with out complications.  But, whenever people asked us her name, I could never understand what we told them.  It was just jabbering.  People seemed to like the name, whatever it was.  But, I could never grasp what it was we actually named her. 

Apparently, even in my subconscious, we can't decide on a name.

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Lisa said...

Hoping you decide soon. I would be a mess if we waited too long to find names.