Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zeke goes to school

Isaac had his very first day of "school" yesterday.
He is going to the same Mother's Morning Out program the big kids went to.
It's only 1 morning a week, for 4 hours, but it's a great experience for us both.

He's at that stage now, where I can't get a good picture of him because he never sits still. 

But, I did get his "bickpick" on in time for some quick snaps.
 I also got a face shot while he was finishing up a snack he started early in the morning.
 My big plan was to get pictures of him in his class, in front of his cubby, etc.  However, he just jumped right in and started playing.  I decided not to rock the boat and just took a picture of him playing.
 He had an awesome day!  I tried to keep him awake on the way home with some snacks, but he fell asleep, with a goldfish in hand. 

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Mommy Attorney said...

He really looks grown up. What a handsome little boy!