Friday, September 23, 2011

A Quilt, my Belly, and other things

I finally got around to piecing together that quilt I mentioned in this post. I wanted to use up my scraps, as well as make something that went with all of the fabric in the room.  If you know my sewing style, I'm not on much for actual "patterns" or quilt styles.  Its too, um, formal for me.  So I laid out all of my larger scraps on top of my backing piece and my batting and sort of just pieced it all together. 

There was a point where I was about to throw the entire quilt out the window.  That point was towards the end, too.  Isaac kept crawling in my lap while I was sewing and I screwed up an entire line.  That one long stitch took me almost 2 hours to take out.

But, it's finished now.  Whew. 
Part of the quilt.  Not sure if I'm going to regret the satin fabric...

 The binding is half brown and half the brown/white fabric.  This picture has the quilt folded in on the top right corner so you can see the backing, too.

Since I uploaded some pictures from my camera, I found a few belly pictures I thought I'd share. 

This one is 34 weeks, taken right before my baby "sprinkle" that my friend D threw me.

A took this one for us.  We realized later that E's shirt was unbuttoned.  Classy.
These are from Monday- 35 weeks.

As a complete and utter unrelated topic, have I mentioned how much I hate staying home all day?  Isaac woke up sick last night, so we've been quarantined today.  I hate it!  I get so restless and have cabin fever!  I made an attempt to leave the house this morning, to get Zeke some medicine for his fever, but he fell asleep in the car before we even left the subdivision.  So, I made a loop and came back home.

Speaking of crazy things.  I am slowly packing my bag for The Girl's birth.  E asked me yesterday if I had packed for him.  I told him no, and he said "oh, never mind.  I'm sure we won't be in a rush to get to the hospital with how long your labors are.  I can pack then."  Thanks for that reminder, babe.

One more update to add to my hodgepodge.  We finally chose a first name for The Girl!  I'm about to bust at the seams!  I want to tell someone in a bad way.  It's probably a super good thing that we choose names late in the game.  Otherwise, I may not be able to keep it a secret. ;)  O keeps asking what her name is.  We'd tell her, but the last time we told the kids a secret (that I was pregnant) they blurted it out to my parents on the phone.  So, we're staying tight lipped.  E keeps telling the big kids that we're going to name her "George".  They think that's nonsense, and laugh hysterically.  Isaac, however, keeps saying "Baby George!"  It may end up her nickname.


Mommy Attorney said...

I hate being stuck at home too. Your belly is so cute!

I can't wait to hear George's name. Ha!

Ambitious Blonde said...

LOL George, when I called K babe G, a friend of mine called her babe gert ;) anyway I can't wait to hear her name and meet her!

d e v a n said...

ah!! I can't wait to hear Baby George's name!!

I HEAR you on the cabin fever. yuk.

Birdie said...

You look great! And I love the quilt!

Sarah said...

-That quilt is super beautiful.
-So is your belly. So cute and watermelon-ish!
-I am so excited to hear the name.
-I too get crazy if we don't leave the house each day, at least for a little errand. Something. So this last week was pretty much torture for me.