Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Blood test came back negative. *sigh* Unforunately, I haven't really started my period, either. So now, I'm just waiting. Again. If I don't start by monday, I have to go in. If I do start before then, I still have to go in next week to see what else needs to be done. I think that we are moving onto a medicated cycle.

I'm honestly sick of all of this crap about not knowing what's going on with my body, etc. I have never, ever spotted this long before. Its insane. The RE said that this could be my period (wouldn't that be fabulous!) and as long as the lining regenerates, then we're good. I don't care. As long as things get moving towards a fresh start.


T- said...

Wishing you a fresh start and a brand new month!

Good luck!

Melanie said...