Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Medicated cycle

I called the RE's office to tell them that I started my period yesturday. The nurse asked if we talked about doing the medicated cycle. I said yes. So, they rushed me into the office this morning to do a scan. Everything's back to base line, so onward we go.

The RE decided to put me on a low dose of clomid. He just thinks that changing things up might be beneficial. We may have to up the dose later, but that's fine. I think the lower dose is better to begin with anyway. My body DOES ovulate, so I think the low dose should do its job.

The really nice benefit of clomid versus femara this cycle: generic! The Femara is quite expensive now that our prescription coverage has changed. Clomid comes in a generic which makes it only a $5 script.


T- said...

Good luck!

Tracy said...

thanks, T!

Lisa said...

Sounds promising!!
My fingers are crossed for a BEAUTIFUL Christmas BFP!!

Devan said...

Good luck Tracy!