Monday, November 17, 2008

I definitely Ovulated

Its true! I ovulated on CD 14. The earliest I've ever ovulated since having Austin. Its amazing.

Although I'm excited, its a tad frustrating. This cycle was supposed to be a monitoring cycle. Watch and see what my body "normally" does. Its insane that on the one cycle they decide to watch, I actually have an "average" cycle. I mean, my normal is CD 20 or CD21! NOT cd 14. I'm sure the dr. thinks I'm nutso for going on and on about how short my luteul phase is. *sigh* oh well.

Anyway, everything looked good on u/s today. The nurse saw the corpus Luteum- which is what the follicle turns into. It sustains early pregnancy or absorbs back into the body depending on whether or not I'm pregnant. She had to look around for quiet a while. Apparently, it wasn't obvious. I had to remind her what ovary had the follicle last time, and she searched around there again and found it. My uterine lining was good. It measured 10mm. That number doesn't particularly mean anything to me...I'm new to all of this. But, she said it was good. They also called back this afternoon to tell me about my blood work. Progesterone was good, though I didn't ask for a number. No supplements needed. yay! She said that it definitely looks like I am right on with my calculated ovulation date.

Now, we just wait. If I don't get my period by next Wednesday, I'll go back in for a blood test. If I get a positive home pregnancy test before then, I have to go in, too. They may do daily injections of heprin (or something like heprin). we'll just have to wait and see.

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