Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 9

So- its been a rough few days. I don't know if its the Clomid, my parents visit, or my obsession with the Twilight series, but I've been extremely irritable. It sucks. Its not who I am, even during my period, but it seems to creep up so much in the last few days.

I have literally NO patience. In fact, I threw a hissy fit because O emtpied her cotton balls out onto the floor and took them apart. It was part of a school project, where you put a cotton ball on Santa's beard every day... Anyway, I was upset because we wouldn't be able to do the project together now since she ruined the cotton balls. Then I listened to myself. I was upset over cotton balls. Sheesh.

I guess the nice thing about the Twilight series is that I've been engrossed in that instead of ttc. Takes a little bit of pressure off. I'm in another world when I'm reading those books, and its nice to be out of reality for a bit... (Of course, now I'm rereading the series. back on book 2. I've only had the books a week tomorrow. :) ) Its nice to not always obsess about pee sticks or temperatures...

I suppose at some time this week I WILL have to think about ttc. Especially since we'll have homework to start. I go in on friday, December 5, for a follicle check. I did a clomid calculator and it said to expect ovulation between 12/6-12/11. I have a feeling it will be earlier rather than later. A lot is going on in there.... I can feel it. lol. We're starting homework tomorrow. Just in case. Of course, the books help in that area, too. <3 Nothing like thinking about Edward to get me in the mood. hehe


Lisa said...

Oh ((((hugs)))))... I hope that you have a fantastic ending to this cycle!!

Michelle P. said...

hugs sweetie :) I have crazy outbursts like that and I'm not on clomid- LOL

I hope you have a bfp for Christmas! You can call it "baby Edward" haha

Melanie said...

I can totally relate to escaping into the Twilight series! I can also relate to the irritabilty, unfortunately. I am really rooting for you!