Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy weekend!

To say we have a busy weekend is an understatement. Its crazy, hectic, chaotic. Things are going on every day of the remainder of this week (and last night as well!) We have the kids school program tonight, O's dress rehersal for ballet tomorrow, recital on saturday, church and a training and a birthday party and an open house on sunday.

When we get to busy, I get stressed. When I get stressed, I get crabby. Add morning sickness (or all freaking day sickness!) to the mix and momma hasn't been the most fun to be around. I'm just so glad that our lives are not always like this. I am pleased with the fact that this craziness is just temporary. Just for a few more days.

E and I like to have a more calm and relaxed life-style. No more than 1 activity at a time for the kids. Only a few commitments in the evenings for us here and there. We have lots of family time in the evenings. Its nice. I like it.

So, I power through our business. Trying to make it to the other side. It'll be a fun weekend, don't get me wrong. The kids will enjoy it! I just may need a weekend to recover from my weekend.


T- said...

Have a good time, even if it'll be crazy!

Jenny said...

I hope you have a great weekend!

If the "morning" sickness gets too bad, Zofran can help!

Tracy said...

Jenny- I'm already on zofran. *sigh*

Chelsa said...

we have a crazy busy weekend like that ahead too (also w/ a busy week this past week) and i'm sooo dreading it! i too like a more relaxed pace!

Jennifer said...

Sounds super crazy but the kids will have a blast :)

buddhaowen said...

Funny-I have the same "need a weekend to recover from the weekend" feeling every Monday! And I only have one child! My hat goes off to you for managing 2-plus all of your other ailments! I didn't know how truly sleepy and irritable I could be until I got pregnant. I hope that your weekend was fun!!