Friday, October 24, 2008

change of heart

I had typed a big long blog about how hard it was for me to put away the high chair. How the grief snuck up on me. It did. However, I've changed my mind. I'm blogging about why I'm excited.

I'm excited because I ovulated days earlier than "normal" which meant that we didn't have to dtd under pressure at my parents with all four of us sharing a room.

I'm excited because my parents believe in me.

I'm excited because my husband is coming home early today.

I'm excited because we get to spend a family day together tomorrow.

I'm excited that Austin stayed dry all day today.

I'm excited because my kidney pain seems to have gone away for now.

I'm excited because I have a wonderful looking chart. It may not pan out, but its nice to look at.

1 comment:

HellcatJill said...

I'm proud of you for looking at the positive. *hugs*