Friday, October 10, 2008

HSG results

My HSG went okay yesturday. It hurt. A lot more than the dr. led me to believe. They kept saying, "you'll feel some pressure". It was way more than that. It hurt. Plus, it didn't help that they had to do it 3 times. ugh.

Anyway- the dye, when they finally got it to go in the right spot, flowed freely through my left tube. After 3 times, they finally gave up trying to get it to go in my right. It didn't even go in at all, so I guess that made the RE comfortable with the results. he said it could be a spasm that was preventing it from going in. he said it was an odd place to find pathology and he doubted anything was wrong. He said typically when someone has a blockage in their tubes, the dye goes part way into the tubes. The dye didn;t go in at all. He also said that it looked like there was a "current" of dye. All of the dye they kept pushing, was basically gushing out the left side. He said they can't tell the dye which way to go when it gets in there. It takes the path of least reistance.

So, basically, no new news. He said my blood work came back, and everything looked normal. We got the green light to ttc again. We're still waiting to make sure that the chromosome test is covered by our insurance before Eric gets it done. the RE said that even if something showed up on Eric's end, that we would just be told to try to get pregnant on our own anyway. He said my losses look like "just one of those things that happens". he said it makes my prognosis that much better.

So, good that nothing is wrong, but frustrating to not have a reason.

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