Sunday, October 12, 2008

Peeing on sticks

Eric thinks I have a problem. He thinks I have an addiction to peeing on sticks. While I probably do have some sort of fettish, he has no idea what its like. :)

I started my OPK's yesturday. The RE officially said that we don't have to use them if we don't want. Eric took that to mean that we never had to use them and we didn't want to. Same thing with taking my temperature in the mornings. He keeps saying "what's the point?".

I guess it gives me a sense of control. Even though I have no real control of when my body ovulates, at least I'll know if it did, dang-it!

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Rumour Miller said...

Oh I can soooo totally relate to both of those things.

POAS is a serious addiction. I liked taking my temperature too... that was my control.

Then I got my clearblue Monitor and it cured me of temperature taking and fed my need to POAS.

Hang in there Hon... Good things come to those who wait. I now have two of those good things.