Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Praying for a little "turkey" for Thanksgiving

Its amazing how I still had a little hope that I was pregnant yesterday, despite a negative pregnancy test AND a temperature drop. I just thought "maybe" it still could be. I have to wonder if most people feel that way...

Anyway, it turns out that I did start my period yesterday, so that moves us onto a new month. Guess what! My next period should arrive on Thanksgiving. I cant' think of a better day to take a pregnancy test. If its positive, hey, we can all celebrate as a family. If its negative, I'll have lots of company to keep me busy. :)

We went to the RE a few days ago. We're going to go ahead with monitoring an unmedicated cycle. Eric is still a little perturbed, but I think its important. I'll have an ultrasound and blood work tomorrow. The RE is going to check my uterine lining with the u/s and progesterone with the blood work. Then, day 12ish, we'll have another u/s to check ovaries and follicles. Then, day 21, we'll check progesterone again. I just hope that I have a "normal" for me cycle. That way he can see what my body normally does.

In other news, my dad told me yesterday that he had a dream back in June that I was going to have a baby on July 17. He seemed to think it was a God-dream. Who knows what year I'll have a baby in July, but I'm holding onto that promise. Heck, I'll hold onto the promise that I WILL have another baby. That's encouragement enough for me right now.

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HellcatJill said...

I always felt the same way when we had been TTC a while, that it still *could* happen even after the spotting started, my temp dropped, everything. ((hugs))