Friday, April 10, 2009

just a medical update

Everything looked peachy at my scan today. Left side looked quiet and right side had one large follicle and several smaller ones. Its in stark contrast to the last round of clomid we did. (I had 3 mature follicles ready to release eggs last time.) Looks like twins aren't in it this go around. ;)

My blood work came back great today and I'll do the first trigger shot tomorrow. Then, follow up on Wednesday, then again on Sunday. I'll go back in on the 27th for blood work to check my progesterone levels and hcg levels.

On the topic of medical stuff, O had her 4 year check up today. She weighed 28lbs and was 37 inches. Just below the chart in both areas. (I think its like almost the 0%- close to the chart, though!) She passed her eye exam with flying colors, but lost most cooperation on the hearing test. She was NOT amused with the beeps enough to even answer more than two. They'll recheck it next year.

Most everything looked good. There's always something with her, though... The dr. was concerned about her lack of interest in dairy products- especially things like ice cream and chocolate milk. I told the dr. about O's bm stains and complaints of belly pain, too, and that made her even more concerned. She went ahead and ordered a stomach x-ray today (which we already had done!) and a follow up appointment with the GI dr. if nothing shows up on the x-ray.

When the dr. pulled up O's dress to check her lungs, O seemed to have sprung a rash on her neck, face, and torso in a matter of mere minutes. I realized that she had some vanilla milk at Target about 20 minutes prior. The dr. thought that there's a chance that it could be related and scheduled some more allergy testing. O was tested for milk allergies when she was younger (18mths or so) when she was having consistent diarrhea. The allergist was a jerk, so we'll be doing the blood work at the ped's office this time instead.

Hopefully there's nothing invasive for her beyond blood work. My poor daughter has seen enough medical professionals in her lifetime. Between FTT (failure to thrive) and her Kidney Reflux, she's been poked, prodded, x-rayed, and stuck too many times in her 4 years. This newest concerned is just one more thing for my poor baby girl to endure. Just at her x-ray today, she started to get very worked up at the sight of the machine. Its the same machine they used to do her reflux tests, (VCUGs) and those are scary and painful!

Well, off to deal with A. No nap for him- too many sirens and too many pings and pangs from hail on his window sill today.


Heather said...

Sorry about her problems. Poor girl. (((HUGS))) to you both.

Lisa said...

I hope that they can help O!

d e v a n said...

Sorry about O, but I do hope they find some answers!

Glenni Lorick said...

Tracy, you and O will be in my prayers!

Susan said...

Good luck with all that. Lucie was just diagnosed with food allergies about six months (maybe a bit less) ago, and it was really overwhelming at first (still is, at times), but I was and am absolutely *shocked* by the effects of changing her diet (and not even *too* drastically!) It's made a huge difference for her.

Good luck with the testing--I imagine it might actually be even *less* fun with a four-year-old who can anticipate (and fear) it a lot more than my two-year-old. But it'll be good to know.

Jennifer said...

Tracy, we are praying for you and O!!