Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Way Back Whensday

Its baby picture day! (if you're looking for more baby pictures, head to my friend Raechel's blog.) I'm sharing two pictures of myself and two of my husband E. You'll quickly notice where our children get their looks (hint: it isn't from me!)

Here's me at birth. Notice the two bows full of black hair. My children, unfortunately, were not born with this trait. They were bald and blond.

I hate scanning pictures. Its never a great quality.
Here's me at 6 mths.

I love this face. Here's E at age 2.5.

E at 9 mths. One of O's 9 mth pictures looks almost identical to this one. Seriously.


Raechel said...

Cute! That last picture is just uncanny!!

T- said...

I love those pics!

Jennifer said...

The baby pics are super cute :)