Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I've had lots of ideas for topics to blog on lately- but no motivation to put those thoughts into words. Well, understandable and fluent words at least. I thought I should at least update so you didn't think I disappeared.

Update 1: O's abdominal x-ray showed an excessive amount of stool in her bowels. We then had to load her up on Miralax until she had a giant poo, then continue on a smaller dose until she sees the GI dr. Since O hasn't been to see Dr. McClellan in over a year, we are now NEW patients. Since we are NEW patients, we have to wait an eternity to get an appointment. First available: June 5! No way in heck I'm making my baby stay on a laxative for 2 mths. I called today and got it moved up to May 6. I'll call next week to see if they've had any additional cancellations.

You know what's funny about it all, though? I used to be petrified to call, well, anyone and ask them to do something for me. Especially in a situation like this, where the "norm" is to wait and I'm asking for a "favor". However, since having children I've gotten over it (along with a lengthy list of other things like a desire for clean floors...) I now have to be an advocate for someone else, not just myself. If I don't make the call, its not just me that suffers, but my child. Motivates me, just a tad. Of course, I still hate doing it. Every single second of it.

Update 2: Its been an interesting few days on the TTC front. The injection I gave myself on saturday evening was supposed to force my body to ovulate sunday or early monday morning. Yesterday afternoon I was still feeling bloated and very tender near my ovaries. I came to the conclusion that I did in fact ovulate the egg from the large follicle, but there were several others that were smaller- just having fun. I think those "fun" ones were the culprit of yesterday's pain. I'm feeling much better today. yay!

Since the night of the injection I've been having a tingling feeling in my left foot. Like its almost falling asleep- but not quite. I called the Dr. H and he said it is not a side effect of the Ovidrel. If it continues, I'll have to see my family practitioner. Yippee. Another dr.'s appointment. Right now, its not painful- just bothersome.

Update 3: I'm starting to get a little nervous about my doula training. Its in less than a week! 4 days away! E isn't being super supportive of it all right now. He's upset that I spent so much money on it. Meanwhile, I'm scared I won't know where to go, I'll get lost, I'll be late, I won't understand, I won't have anyone to talk to or eat lunch with. I feel like I'm in junior high again! Bring on the "getting to an exam with out knowing the information" or "going to class with out shoes" nightmares. I'm sure my subconscious will have a hay day with this!

At the same time, I'm super excited! My friend Raechel is letting me stay with her, (thank you Rae! You are so great!) and hopefully we'll be able to spend at least a few minutes catching up. I'm excited to learn more about being a doula and be able to grow in my passion for all things baby related. yay!

This post has officially taken me about 3 hours to complete. ha! NOW I know why I haven't posted in a while. Its not a lack of words, its a lack of time to form a complete thought!

Happy tuesday, my friends.


d e v a n said...

I hope you can get a sooner appt for O!
I didn't realize your doula training was SO soon! Are you leaving Saturday? You are a sweet, friendly person and I'm sure you will find LOTS of wonderful people to eat lunch with and you won't get lost. It's going to be amazing!

Raechel said...

Looking forward to your visit. I'll make SURE we get to hang out! And, don't worry about the meeting new people at the workshop thing - I went in the fall and now one knew anyone, so it was perfect. It was different from Jr. High because we're all adults and we all had one big, super cool thing in common! If conversation gets low, just talk birth stories! No one will be able to shut up! ;)

You're going to come home so pumped full of cool, good birth information. It's exciting - but a little like trying to take a drink out of a fire hydrant: more than you can take in all at once!

See you Saturday!

Jennifer said...

Poor O :(
I sure hope you can get a sooner appointment for her!
You are going to make a great doula! ((Hugs)) You will make new friends and I am sure you will not be eating alone :)

Lisa said...

I agree with Devan ... you are going to do so good!

theresa said...

Your training is going to be great! E needs to stop being a killjoy, you do very little for YOU while doing everything for everyone else in your family. If doula training makes you that happy and fufilled than go for it. I could see if you were spending excessive amounts on clothes or bags, but he has no excuse. Enjoy!!!