Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy 28!

Yesterday was E's 28th birthday. Its insane that I can clearly remember his 18th birthday. Its a VERY vivid memory, actually. His 18th birthday was his first birthday that we celebrated together. (we started dating in March....) It seems weird to me that he's (only him, not me! lol) a whole 10 years older than that memory.

We used to think that turning 30 was going to be hard because that was "old". However, as he (that's right, not WE) gets closer, we've decided that maybe 40 will be hard because that will be "old". We were just mistaken about 30 being old. We were missing perspective.

Anyway, we had a lovely day. We went out to eat at Logans. The kids were wonderful, which was a shock to us all. They must have consciously tried to be good for Eric's birthday dinner. :) We came home and did presents, then had birthday bread. What's birthday bread you ask? Its a bread that Eric wanted me to make in place of birthday cake: pumpkin cheesecake swirl bread. Its impossibly complicated, takes forever to prepare and cook, is expensive, and only makes an appearance about once a year- right around now.

With out further explanation- here it is: