Thursday, December 25, 2008

No need to test

I started spotting last night. I'm hoping I can hold off full flow until tomorrow. Otherwise, I won't be able to get into the dr. before CD5 and won't be able to take Clomid this next month.
I'm also pretty confident I have some kind of stomach bug. I was SO sick last night. Two seconds from throwing up.


Back to my brother:
well, he's home! They had to put him in a level 1 trauma, I guess, because it was a puncture wound to the neck! He had to have a CAT scan and a few other things. He still has to see someone next week to make sure it didn't slice part of the artery. The bottom wound was 1 inch deep!
The Great Dane's owners are putting their dog down. Its such a big dog and could do it to anyone. Daniel had actually seen and been around this dog before, so he wasn't unfamiliar. I feel badly for the family. What a horrible decision to have to make on Christmas Eve.

here's a picture:


Mama2Boys said...

I spotted for one day with Jake and 2 days with Katie, spot doesn't always mean not pregnant ;-)

glad your brother is okay but sorry about the dog. what a horrible decision to have to make :(

T- said...

I hope you stop spotting! Good luck.

I'm glad your brother is okay. So sad about the incident and the dog!

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness! I am just catching up on my blog sorry to hear about your brother - that looks painful! Also sorry about this cycle. *hugs*

Michelle P. said...

Holy cow on the bite! OUCH!! I'm sorry there was no need to test :(