Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I hate OPKs

Why is it that only name brand OPKs ever seem to work for me? Its so frustrating! Me, Queen of off-brand-find-a-deal, HAS to use a name brand. I hate it! I mean, I don't mind using name brand spaghetti sauce- because its only 20 cents more. But, danggit, these tests are like $5 more!!

As I'm sure you have guessed, I decided to give the cheapies a try again. Not internet cheapies, but some from publix. They were way cheaper and came with a pregnancy test. They take forever for lines to even appear. The first one I took, I actually thought I was going to have to pee on it again!!! Plus, I can't see a lightening or darkening of the lines at all. They all look the same! *sigh*

As of right now- no positive OPK. Though, i feel like something may be starting. I thought with my follicle size that I would ovulate sometime this weekend, or monday. That was the dr.'s guess, too. However, I'm pretty darn sure that I'll at least have some O pains. I had some wicked ones with Femara, so I'm sure I'll have at least SOMETHING with Clomid.

In other news, the pukies are going around our house. Which makes doing our homework well, a little harder to complete. Austin seems to be feeling okay this morning. A little grumpy. I'm just hoping to keep it to Eric and Austin. I really don't want to get it. I dont' get sick days.

I should keep pretty busy the next few days. I have several tutus to make, some baby legs to sew, and some shopping for the said items. Yay for preschool day tomorrow!


Lisa said...

I cannot remember what OPKs I used, but they were fairly cheap. Maybe Answer brand?

T- said...

I used the Dollar Tree OPKs. Like the HPTs, they worked great for me!

Sorry about the pukies, we had that last week. Nasty stuff!