Saturday, December 20, 2008


I sit here typing in my "happy place." I just downloaded the Twilight Soundtrack to my brand new MP3 player that my awesome husband bought me for Christmas. I'm in my happy place- listening to my new music, reminded of my favorite book series to date.

I'm glad I've found a happy place today. I did end up testing (after about 15 minutes of laying in bed praying about it, oddly enough.) It was negative. I was certainly bummed. There's always that little bit in the back of my head that thinks that dreams are somehow correlative to reality. Unfortunately, they weren't this time.

I still managed to have a happy and fulfilled day. We spent the morning with my ILs doing our Christmas before we leave for Michigan. The kids had a blast, everyone loved their gifts (I think there's only 1 return this year out of all of us! a shocking first!) and we had a delicious breakfast and lunch. Until this very moment that I sit here typing, I never once thought of the baby that we should have with us, opening his/her gifts, clapping their little hands in celebration. Even though I *did* end up thinking of it, I'm glad I'm able to escape to the music in my head (via headphones). I'm escaping to my happy place.

some pictures from today:


Devan said...

Urgh. I'm sorry about the test but SO glad that you had a wonderful day.

T- said...

I am sorry about the test, too! I asked for the Twilight soundtrack for Christmas. I hope I get it!

I love the pix!!!

Mama2Boys said...

I'm sorry about the negative test Tracy-I hope it is just too early. (((hugs)))

Lisa said...


Olivia's haircut is fantastic though!!!!!

Susan said...

Sorry about the test...but 10 DPO *is* really early...hopefully just a bit *too* early.