Friday, February 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Here's a breakdown of my day today:

5:15 am- A wakes up, screaming as usual, and doesn't go back to sleep
5:45 am- A starts banging the door with his feet
6:00 am- I bring A into our bedroom, but not before he wakes up Olivia
6:15 am- A's into the dishwasher
6:30 am- A's into my computer stuff
7:00 am- A dumped oatmeal onto the table and is attempting to clean it up
7:15 am- A poops in diaper
7:30 am- A gets into my sewing stuff
7:45 am- A throws a fit because the baby Einstein movie won't work
8:00 am- Finish O's valentine's day dress
8:15 am- O throws a fit trying on said dress
8:30 am- O's finally dressed
9:00 am- Super Why is over, and A's back at it
9:15 am- A dumps E's cologne on the floor and all over himself- effectively making him smell like a magazine insert.
9:30 am- get kids shoes on and gets into the car
9:45 am- spill precious coffee in my car
10:00 am- arrive at mall to return electric blanket
10:15 am- find right place to return said blanket
10:17 am- blankets are sold out. back ordered until SPRING!
10:30 am- kids go bonkers in Children's Place
10:45 am- O goes with g-ma, A stays with me. We go to the "tv store" to look for a birthday dress for O (since she doesn't like the tutu dress I made her because "its black, and black is for boys")
10:46 am- A's whining...non-freaking-stop.
11:00 am- purchase dress for O (for $4.75!) and head toward play center
11:30 am- leave play center, head for car
11:31 am-deterred by $5 candles at Bath and Body works
11:40 am- purchase said candle for my own valentine's day gift from E (who told me to, then followed that up by saying "maybe you should see about finding your own card, too....)
11:45 am- freaking out because we're running late
11:50 am- get into car, head towards preschool
12:05 pm- notice A has fallen asleep in car. not good.
12:10 pm- late to kids' valentine's day party, O misses out on a goodie bag, but both kids get their fair share of treats.
12:35 pm- drop g-ma off at car, head home. hungry and tired.
12:45 pm- start naps
1:00 pm- still trying naps
1:30 pm- still trying naps
1:45 pm- O falls asleep
2:00 pm- give up on A, bring him to hang out with me
2:00 pm- A starts getting into my stuff...again.
2:30 pm- O has awaken and has been sneaking valentine's day candy
2:45 pm- A gets into my laundry basket, emptying my folded clothes onto the floor
3:00 pm- A gets into the gum in the junk drawer in the kitchen
3:15 pm- A gets into the valentine's day candy
3:30 pm- A eats chap stick
3:45 pm- A gets into dish soap
4:15 pm- A writes with red marker on couch
4:30 pm- E's officially late
4:31 pm- E finds red marker, and is pissed.


Raechel said...

Oh my! That is quite a day! And, it's only 4:30! I say you use the valentines candle to burn the super-cute-yet-dismissed tutu dress and call it a day! :)

I just try to remind myself that they're only 2 for a year! :)


Raechel said...

Oh, and hurrah for the weekend!!

d e v a n said...

That doesn't sound so fabulous, but it DOES sound familiar.
Oh, and C got up at 4:30, we should get coffee together some morning. haha

T- said...


Kelly said...

Hey, we were up at 4:30 this morning, too! Though, I guess that' technically 6:30 you're time, so I guess that doesn't count :) Hugs!! Hope you get some rest tonight!

Michelle P. said...

Good grief! I was exhausted from your day by 7:30 am! I sure hope tomorrow is better (or the rest of today for that matter!)

jnrosema said...

oh man... am i ready for this?? :)