Monday, February 2, 2009

One of the worst

This miscarriage is going down as one of my worst. I'm not really sure why. The bleeding and clotting and cramps are horrible. When I'm cramping, I'm going to change things at least once an hour. When I'm not cramping, however, there's practically no bleeding. But, the weirdest thing is how long its lasting. Normally, its only a one day deal. One day of really heavy bleeding/pain, then it putters out. My miscarriages are actually shorter than my regular periods. So this, day 3 and still bleeding heavily, is unprecedented.

Oh, and here's another "worst". Worst glasses fix ever. so, here's the whole story. I scratched my eye ball on thursday (from rubbing my eyes while I was crying) and had to take out my contacts. I had been wearing my glasses since. Saturday, I take off my glasses (gently) to rub my eye and the top frame part just snapped! Ugh! The tape is all mangled around the top, bottom and actual lens. Its the only way I can get them to work. I have been trying to wear my contacts, but my eyes feel raw. So, I've been wearing these in the evenings. Yee haw, I know. I have my yearly exam on thursday, so i don't want to get new glasses just in case my prescription changes.

In other "worsts", I'm pretty sure I just ate one of the worst breakfasts. At least from a nutrition stand point. I made these for the super bowl party last night. They were quite tasty.


T- said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this ends soon and you find peace and healing.


d e v a n said...

Those look yummy. I hope you feel better SOON! The glasses made me giggle. Hope your new glasses don't take too long to come in!!

Lisa said...

I wonder since this mc is so different if you lost 2 babies? (((hugs)))

And I am with you on the broken glasses. My new ones should be here this week!