Thursday, February 5, 2009

I called it

That's right, folks, I called it. E doesn't like either one of his items from ON. Sheesh. Crazy boy. He tried the stuff on- the shirt looked really nice (and I told him that!) and the pants were, well, a little short. So, I'll give him a veto on the pants with out a fuss. The shirt, however, is NOT okay to veto. Its a "waffle knit" yellow and grey shirt. I think it looks pretty darn nice, (and its a the snug-fitting kind, which I love!!!!) but he seems to think its too young for him. Does he mean that its from 2009 instead of 1999? If so, then, YES, it is younger than the rest of your clothes.

The jogger is assembled and waiting for its first trip around the block. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for warmer weather. The jogger is absolutely beautiful compared to our old one, (I'll have to take a picture later today with them side by side) and has a swivel wheel! Yes, a SWIVEL wheel! That means no more picking the stroller up to make turns. Our neighborhood isn't very "straight" so that will be extremely helpful! The only thing that seems to be a bummer is the MP3 speaker. I read some reviews that said it wasn't very loud, so I was expecting poor quality sound. What I wasn't expecting was the lack of sound intermittently. Turns out, there's a short in the cord. So, we'll contact Baby Trend today and hopefully they can just send us that small speaker.

Want to know what is great, though? When you contemplate calling into work because you just don't feel like going (but never would actually call in....just dream about it), only to realize that you aren't even on the schedule. That is the best! Yay! No work!

As the duct tape falls off my glasses in the corner, releasing the hold on the lens, I realize that, for once, I'm excited for my eye appointment today. Giddy, actually. I'm desperate for some new glasses, obviously. Plus, the "okay" from E to spend money is always nice. Even if its on glasses.


Lisa said...

Got my glasses Tuesday and it IS nice!

d e v a n said...

Men just don't know what looks good. D is the same way, but he's gotten better.
Glad you're loving the stroller!

jnrosema said...

Thanks for sharing all this Tracy. I'll be following to stay updated. I wish I knew how to help you. I have two close friends who have recently miscarried for the first time, and two other friends that are having fertility problems. Any advice? I love you and will be including you in my prayers. Congrats on the new glasses and jogger. :)

T- said...

Enjoy your new glasses when you get them!