Friday, February 6, 2009

So long babyhood! Hello tears!

Taking A's pacifier away has been on the agenda for a while. Since, oh, July. What is that, 7 months?

Here's a list of why we haven't yet.
  • He finally sleeps well. After 2 years of crying every single nap and every single night, he doesn't! I'm scared to mess with that.

  • He takes GOOD naps. Normally 2+ hours. I've heard that when kids this age drop the paci, they drop the nap.

  • Its something to bribe him with, (if I'm desperate), at the RE. Believe it or not, its really, REALLY bad to have your CHILDREN crying at a fertility clinic. I always feel horrible... In comes the plug to save the day!

  • This is possibly the biggest of them all: It is the last real "babyish" thing he has (minus the diapers....but, those I will feel no sadness parting with.)

I feel silly in saying this, but I think the biggest thing holding me back has been the last bullet. I actually cried a little this afternoon when I thought about never seeing his sweet face with that "choo-choo" in it (my little brother's term).

This past nap time could be the last time I ever give my child a pacifier. I certainly thought that we'd have another baby by now, or at least be pregnant. Its sad to think that this officially marks the end of A's babyhood. I am no longer a mother to any babies.

I have big-kids.
Here's my sweet A- a few weeks old


d e v a n said...

Awwww, love the pics. He's so cute. I just looked at O today and thought he looked like such a big boy. Good luck!

Suzanne said...

Good luck! We took Tahlia's away 2.5 weeks ago (just after she turned 2). I was expecting the absolute worst because she was ADDICTED. But to my delight she went great. We had two awful days and nights but since then bliss! Let us know how it goes.

Lisa said...

We were just talking about this same thing at playgroup. It IS a big hurdle to get rid of their last bit of babyness. That 2nd picture is priceless!!