Saturday, January 31, 2009


Want to know what I ate today to comfort myself? Crap. Crap with a capital "C". I know I shouldn't feel guilty, since I'm technically still miscarrying. But, I still do. Not enough to stop myself earlier, though. Of course.

I ate 2 doughnuts for breakfast at FPU (I cant' remember the last time I ate ONE at all. Much less two) 3 cups of coffee (to stay alert with my lack of sleep) a snickers bar, diet caffeine free coke, and some sour gummy worms and homemade pizza for dinner. The only redeeming item in my day thus far has been the bowl of soup I ate for lunch.

So, with all of that junk, why is it that I just want to go eat a big bowl of chocolate ice cream and drink some wine?


Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

I know what it is like to eat away the sorrow and pain. Sometimes, that is all that helps. I think I do it to punish my body for betraying me once again.

theresa said...

Don't do wine and ice cream at the same time. I accidentally drank a couple bottles of wine and then ate a box of Dibs and ended up puking. :)

Feel better soon!

Susan said...

Okay, the Coke was diet and caffeine-free, so that doesn't count. The pizza was homemade, so that also doesn't count. Donuts are a breakfast pastry, no biggie. The soup cancels out the gummi worms. So it boils down to a Snickers bar. Big deal--you ate a Snickers bar.

I will take your bowl of chocolate ice cream and raise you a pint of Chubby Hubby.

May I also recommend: Take 5 Bar, soft pretzel with cheese, and maybe something deep-fried (I'm thinking maybe mozzarella cheese sticks)? Lucky Charms, something with chocolate and raspberries, and instead of wine, this:

Susan said...

Wait, did my link not work? Let me try again--that's the most important part.

Tracy said...

Susuan- you crack me up. Thanks. :)

Theresa- I'll keep that in mind. lol. That doesn't sound fun at all!

d e v a n said...

Don't feel guilty! One day isn't going to matter. ((hug)) You need some comfort food so go for it!

T- said...

I agree with everything Susan said!