Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bad day

I'm having one of those days. You know, the days you just want to curl up in bed, go back to sleep, and pray its tomorrow? Or, the kind that make you go through the drive thru, and eat marshmallows dipped in chocolate (leftover from fondue last night) even though you're trying to loose weight. Or the kind that make you want a glass of wine at 1:23 pm.

yeah, its been that kind of day. First of all, I got my pink coat in the mail yesterday. I was so excited. I quickly remembered WHY I don't buy things online. Because something always goes wrong. Always. My coat doesn't fit. Grr! So, I figure, okay- fine. I'll ship it back, get a new one, I'm only out $12 (since I have to ship another one again...) I call VS up. Guess what??? Completely out of that coat. Out. As in no more. Of course, they aren't having that awesome sale, so I can't buy a different style with out paying an arm and a leg. So, wasted money on a coat that doesn't fit.

But, here it is. Its beautiful. Too bad I can't button it. Stupid breasts.

Of course, there's the negative pregnancy test. Wonderful.

Then, I can't go to work because Olivia has a fever. Except, its not a real fever. Its a phantom fever. After I call in, I take her temperature a few hours later- its gone. So I go to the store (well, stores) and spend the money I didn't make today.

I found some socks to make some new baby legs and I go all over creation trying to find materials for Olivia's birthday tutu dress (stay tuned for pictures...) half of what I originally picked up was not on sale, so I had to go to another store and another. So, naturally, I bought things for myself- wallowing in self-pity.

By this point, the kids are so fed up, they start fighting. Why an almost 4 yr old feels the need to tease her 2yr old brother, I'll never understand. Seriously. Why is it fun to listen to him scream? or cry? or throw a fit? Its not fun for anyone. Especially not me. I can't think, can't do %40 off math in my head. I'm wishing I would've just stayed at home and had a jammie day.

I'm exhausted, so we go to McD's. Bad. Bad, mommy! E is going to not like that, my body isn't going to like that: no one wins.

I can't take a nap because we have repair people coming today. Grr.... So I sit here, eating marshmallows and chocolate. Nuff said.


d e v a n said...

Girl, you deserve some marshmallows and chocolate. Don't stress over the money spent, it's OK. I'm sorry the coat doesn't fit. :( Maybe you can sell it, maybe you can even MAKE $ on it, since it was on sale so much! I'd say you could come over and chat/play but O & C both have colds.

T- said...

Awwww. I love that coat. What size is it? Wanna sell it?

Sorry your day has sucked. I hope it improves or ends soon!

HellcatJill said...

I'm sorry about your bad day. ((hug))

That is a beautiful coat. I hear you on the BBs. Grrrr!