Thursday, January 29, 2009


So my "high" of good feelings yesterday has now dropped to very, very, very bad feelings. I woke up this morning to a temperature of 98.41! What the hey?!!?! Its been consistently in the 98.7 range since I got my positive. Granted, I did take my temperature at 5, instead of 6. But, even with the adjustment, that leaves me with a low 98.6 (plus, I'm not really sure how accurate it is to adjust temps. It seems like its always "right on" no matter what...)

AND, I'm cramping some. I know, I know. Its normal for early pregnancy. However, combined with my lower temperature, I am officially freaking out. Seriously. Freaking. Out. Plus, I have this overall feeling of negativity. I am not really sure why that is there. For preparation of the news I might get today, or the temptation to loose hope.

But, I'm trying to keep my spirit in the right place. I'm trying to be in constant prayer, never ceasing, asking, (begging, really) God to protect my baby and to heal my womb.

My IF (Internet friend) Heidi sent me this song on Monday. My God IS mighty to save!


d e v a n said...

Praying for you!!!!

Lisa said...

Hang in there momma. Prayers for good news today!

T- said...

Praying for sticky!

Michelle P. said...

Tracy- step away from the bbt thermometer! You are not supposed to temp after a bfp- it's too stresful!!!

Put it down and don't use it again- just wait on the numbers :)

I think they will be great!!!