Thursday, January 15, 2009

A week and a day

I can't believe I still have a week and a day until I get my blood work done. In some ways, it seems like the week has been going by quickly. In relation to THIS, however, it hasn't. The days are crawling by. sigh.
But, the good news is that I'll be very busy between now and then. Playdate and babysitting today, meeting a new friend tomorrow (she's a friend of a friend who moved to Huntsville in October), two birthday parties and a baby shower on saturday (just call me the party princess) and possibly a Chattanooga trip on sunday and monday (if I can convince E that its worth it. The kids have been chattering incessantly about staying in a hotel and swimming....) work tuesday, preschool wednesday, work thursday, then- what do you know- its friday. Seems fast...but probably won't be.
Yesterday I was going to post a picture of my A man, but I got interrupted by A himself. So, here it is. He's sporting his new fancy baby legs, (which, by the way, are very helpful in the potty department. MUCH easier than pants!)

Now he asks almost every day to wear his baby "wegs". I love it! I found some Christmas socks at wally world for 50 cents and I made him another pair. They have fuzzy type stuff at the top, which he calls his "soft baby wegs". Unfortunately, they don't stay up very well. When I go to the store next week, I'll look for another pair to make him. Its hard to find "manly" knee high socks. Wonder why? lol


d e v a n said...

I hope the week goes fast! Cute pic of A and his wegs. lol

T- said...

I love the baby legs! I need to get the wutz some!