Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What the hey!

Why is my fertility friend freaking out. It keeps saying that I ovulated on Sunday. Which, is not really true. I am pretty confident that I ovulated on Saturday evening (1. because the trigger shot is supposed to make you O within 24-36 hrs 2. because I had some super intense pains on Saturday night 3. because my temp rose some on Sunday morning.) Sometimes I love that software....sometimes I hate it!


I also made an online purchase today. Which is so NOT me. I tend to enjoy the hunt of a good bargain in person. However, Victoria Secret doesn't carry their coats in store, so online was my only option. I will soon be the proud owner of a pink, yes pink, knee length wool coat. For only $25! (that was 80% off!!!!)

I'm sure E will give me a hard time about it being pink. I had these pink cords that I wore in high school (we had a dress code and couldn't wear jeans. you get tired of plain khakis!) and he hated them. Loathed them. However, he did give me "permission" to purchase this coat. He couldn't really believe that, in his words, I could get "a nice winter coat for under $50". Well, I'll show him. lol.

Hopefully it will come soon! its going to be stinkin' cold here this week. Weather like this makes me want to move further south. Florida perhaps....or Australia. I saw this: [;_ylt=ApRDNWBMmQLJm7KwWV_alyQazJV4thought it would be a great opportunity for me, in another life anyway. It might be a tad hard to get pregnant a few continents apart...


T- said...

Enjoy the coat. My sister would love that.

It's going to be cold down here on the GA/FL line this week. Down into the TEENS at night. Crazy cold for us.

HellcatJill said...

What a great buy on the coat!

Ooh, that Australian job sounds wonderful, though I find myself wondering what those few "minor tasks" might consist of.

Lisa said...

Hope we get to see pics of the pink bargain!!

d e v a n said...

Sounds cute!! I would totally love that job!