Thursday, January 8, 2009


So, I've never really been a big fan of needles. I mean, who is, really? They're sharp, they pretty much always hurt, and they make you bleed.

I was reflecting yesterday (while I was at the dr. ) on how I used to be freaked out by getting my blood drawn. i didn't have to have it very often, but when I did I started freaking out when I got to the lab and signed in. Albeit, I've had some nasty experiences with blood draws (one lady kept bumping the needle while it was in my arm with her rather large tummy over and over again) but I still thought they were horrible.

I can't even tell now when they draw my blood. Maybe its different sized needles, or better nurses. But, I think that most of my pain was actually from the fear. I barely feel it. Of course, I've had lots and lots and LOTS of practice over the past year. I have thought about counting how many times I've done it the past year, but its a rather daunting task. I've had a lot of them.

Here's where the fear part comes in again. I have to do the trigger shot tomorrow. I thought, ignorantly, that they'd do the shot at the dr.'s office. Nope. They called today and explained over the phone how to do it. Ack! Now I'm FREAKING out! I know it isn't a big deal, that it probably wouldn't have even hurt at the dr. But, *I* have to do it to *myself* for the *first time*.

What if I do it wrong, what if I put it in the wrong place, the wrong time, get an air bubble in there? I'm not a professional!!! I don't know what I'm doing!

THAT'S why I'm scared of needles.


T- said...

I hate needles, too. But you'll do fine with the trigger shot. It is an intramuscular shot, so you don't really have to worry about air bubbles. The hardest thing you'll have to get over is that intial stick you do yourself. The rest will be a cake walk. Promise.

Once you do it, it'll be no big deal.

Good luck!

d e v a n said...

You can do it! You're one of the strongest people I know T!!
Maybe E could do it for you if the sticking yourself is too much?! Of course, I know what a strong stomach he has. hehe

Mama2Boys said...

Yikes! you can do it though! it's for a good cause! (baby #3 (and possibly 4 and/or 5))

I have faith in you Tracy!

Tracy said...

D- I asked E if he would do it. He said "absolutely not! i don't want to go to the hospital before work". lol I should've known better.