Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So- my tummy looks kind of rough today. The injections aren't being kind to me. With the trigger shot, it wasn't that big of a deal. One shot, once in the month, and it didn't sting very much. These sting. Really, really, really sting. The needle going in doesn't actually hurt very much (its pretty tiny) but after I push in the medicine, it starts to burn (reminds me of that SNL skit with the "shirt in a can". Where the tester says "its burning my skin!")

Anyway, here's a picture from my injection site last night. The one from tuesday night is more bruised, but this has only been 12 hours since the injection. All around that red part is bruised, too! But, no pain, no gain! I think its funny that I used to be petrified of needles, though.


A had to have his foot/leg and skull x-rayed yesterday. The stinker jumped off our bed on saturday and has been limping ever since. The dr. called last night and said it was clear, but that he'll have to be re-x-rayed on friday if he's still limping. I guess breaks are hard to see on little ones. His head wasn't actually an injury. E's been super concerned that something's wrong with A's head. There's a ridge between the front and back of his head. Turns out, its just the way his growth plates came together (ahem, like I may have said several times! but, whatever.)

A was so good during the x-rays. They had to call in a "helper" since I'm pregnant (the technician wasn't very nice when I told her. She said "ugh. that's not good!") The guy who came in to help was super good with A. Had him laughing and talking since I had to hide out back by the computers, all the way in the corner. During the skull x-rays they had to hold his head on both sides with these circular foam things. I'm assuming to keep his head still with out fingers or hand bones in the picture. He got a little scared, but the helper was awesome! he had A wave to me through the window and was telling him how proud I was of him. So neat!

The whole time, I was just thinking about how O would've freaked. I mean, completely freaked! In fact, when she broke her foot last year, she DID freak out during the x-ray. They almost had to sedate her. Granted, she has had a lot of the kidney x-rays (the nasty kind with a cath) and she has a bad taste in her mouth from those, so I understand. Yesterday, though, I just sat her up on the table to tie her shoe and she started getting panicky. I'm just glad it was A on the table and not O. That would've been miserable.

The neat thing about it all was that I got to say I was pregnant! Silly, I know. But, the last time we had to get x-rays (for A again. He's a dare devil) I had just miscarried and the technician went on and on about making sure I was pregnant. It was really hard. But, yesterday, I got to BE pregnant! Woot!


d e v a n said...

Your poor tummy! I'm so glad that things are going well though!!! I'm so excited it almost feels like I'm pregnant! LOL (I'm not!!!)
I'm glad A did well, and that he's fine!

Tracy said...

D- hehe. Its nice to have excitement to pass around. :)

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

If you ice your belly for 15 minutes before the Lovenox injection, you can't even feel the injection or stinging after-effects:-) Good times, eh?

Glad your son did well!

T- said...


I can sort of sympathize since a nurse blew two of my veins yesterday!

I'm so glad you got to say you were pregnant. I pray that soon you won't even have to say it, everyone will be able to SEE it!

Mama2Boys said...

I agree, ouch on the belly and soon (god willing) everyone will be able to see that you are pregnant :)