Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting Jiggy With It

Thanks to Theresa getting Will Smith in my head (Fresh Prince of Bellaire, thanks, by the way, Theresa...) I went and looked at some videos of his on YouTube. Now, Getting Jiggy With It is in my head. For all night long, I'm sure.

We were party animals today! Two very fun birthday parties! One at the children's museum, and another at Little Gym.

Here are some fun pictures from our day today!

Austin, as The Little Gym's spokes child
Getting a bubble off of his ear

Devan's baby C

Channeling Laurie Berkner
"Balance, Balance, Balance Beam
I might trip and I might fall,
but that's okay, cause after all
mom and dad will love me
through it all
on my Balance, Balance Beam."

This is at the children's museum. it was quite dark in there, so this is the best from the bunch that I got.


T- said...

You all had a busy busy day!

d e v a n said...

Cute pics! It was great seeing you guys today. :) How was the children's museum? We've never been to a party there.

Lisa said...

GREAT shots!

LOVE the new background!!

Tracy said...

D- it was good to see you, too! The museum was okay. They do an hour in the party room (where the tables are) then 45 minutes in biscuits backyard. Olivia loved it. However, our hostess told us you have to pay for each child and that's why I just took her. ;)