Friday, January 9, 2009

I did it!

After having several dreams about giving myself the shot (in the wrong ways, of course. In one dream, I poked myself on one side and the medicine wouldn't go in, so I had to take it out and do it again and again and again) I waited in bed waiting for an acceptable time to get up and do it. Just to get it over with. (Its amazing how you can psychologically work yourself up so that you have dreams about your concerns.)

But, I'm proud to say, "its done!" Not bad, not bad at all. Really, the stinging from the medicine going in hurt worse (and I use the term "hurt" here loosely) than the stick. Thankfully, the medicine DID come out the first time, so no need to poke myself again. ;)

I'm also glad to inform you that E did not pass out during the process. I wanted someone around while I did it...just in case. I don't typically get queasy and pass out during that type of thing, but giving myself a shot really isn't typical for me, either. Of course, E didn't watch or anything, but he gave me commentary before I started, talking about making sure I didn't touch the needle first. (duh)

Anywho, we also went ahead and did our homework for today. Since I got up early, the kids were still in bed... The nurse informed me yesterday that we needed to "make a deposit" today and tomorrow, and then, in her words "after Saturday, its just for fun. Gotta keep the husband happy!" Hehe.

Well, off to ovulate!


d e v a n said...

Yay! WTG!!

Also, the nurse is too funny. hehe

d e v a n said...

My prior word verification was "ovens" & this one is "bundev" == so maybe that means a bun in the oven. ;)

Tracy said...

hehe. that's funny, Devan.

Melissa said...

Crossing my fingers for you!! <3

T- said...

You did great! Congrats. Now have some fun while I pray you get a sticky little bean soon!

Heidi said...

Good job on the shot! Good luck on the rest of it! I hope this is it!

Lisa said...


Mama2Boys said...

yay so glad it went well!

side note, my word verification is "dribl" are you dribling? lol.

happy ovulation and as always praying this is your month!

Melanie said...

I'm glad it went well! The first time freaked me out too.